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Alberta Provincial Certified Health & Safety Consultants

Safety Group Services: Alberta Provincial Certified Health & Safety Consultants

Certificate of Recognition (C.O.R.) & Partners in Injury Reduction (P.I.R.)

Occupational Health and Safety Programs: Creation, Implementation, Management, Review, Audits.

  • SETUP/MAINTAIN CERTIFIED SAFETY PROGRAM: We write you a program, help you implement it and then manage it for you. If you already have one, we can use it, revise it or replace it.
  • TRAINING: We orient your workers to the program so they know what is expected of them. We conduct some limited training for them as well.
  • REVIEW: We can review your existing program and make recommendations to improve it before OR following an incident.
  • SUPPORT: We can support your existing employees to give you a more rounded approach.
  • AUDITS: Internal or External Consultant Audits (pay per audit) instead of peer or using one of your peoples’ valuable time.

How Safety Group’s Services Can Help

On Site:

  • Safety Presence: Easily recognizable reminder to workers to keep safety at the front of their minds.
  • Resource: Explanation of safety and education of workers, managers and CEO’s.
  • Enforcement: Prevention of fines by OHS that will begin April 01, 2013.
  • Paperwork: Creation and collection (from subs).
  • Emergency Response: 24 hours/day.
  • Liaison: to Generals and other trades.
  • Cooperation: Willingness to work with site management for better overall safety management.

In the office:

  • Corporate Culture: Build and support it.
  • Paperwork: Sorting and filing for audit purposes.
  • Different eyes: Provide outside perspective to internal safety and policies.
  • Vehicles/Equipment: Tracking and maintenance.
  • Safety Manual: Standardized, tested and proven adequate for COR/SECOR.


  • Award-winning: Ability to completely handle a clients safety program.
  • Due-Diligence: Training and Coordinating use of certified companies, when required.
  • Training: WHMIS, TDG available in-house for no additional charge (beyond materials).
  • Supervisor correction: Making them aware of responsibilities and correcting dangerous attitudes.
  • Provide Knowledge: of legal obligations and responsibilities, as ignorance is no longer an excuse.
  • Sub-trades: Monitoring of and assistance to help them get certified and make YOUR site safer.
  • Promotional Materials: we can help you promote your safety program to get more work.

Loss prevention/Profit Creation:

  • Information gathering: Adept at collecting information and preventing client exposure.
  • WCB: Occupational Injury Service and Claim Management.
  • False Claims: Track record of defeating claims in front of the WCB appeals commission.
  • Company Track Record: Claims and fines now follow a company for many years.
  • Bill 6: Increases fines from $10,000 to $100,000. Limiting fines: Keeping them contained to workers and not the company.
  • Profit Centre: Via Partners in Injury Reduction, WCB Rebates and Discounts.
  • Safety Equipment: Better pricing, by way of our industry contacts.
  • Decreased rates: to stay on after certification and help you maintain it.

Client support:

  • Client-coordinated: Can be client-driven.
  • Flex-Program: More hours on the front-end to get set up and support you on the back-end.
  • Easy access: to our whole team to assist you as required and WHEN required.

Moral hazard:

  • Clear Conscience and Peace of mind: Knowing your safety program is properly managed and that you have done the best possible for your workers and their families.

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