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About & Our Safety Consulting Services Certified Health and Safety Consultants is a construction safety consulting company established in 2006. Our specialty is the adaptation of Government safety requirements into a comprehensive safety program for each individual company. We are equipped to train your staff and advise and direct all questions and needs with regard to safety, whether a complete overhaul or a ground up creation of a safety system is required.

We are able to set up your Company in order to maximize the benefits available, such as reduced premiums to W.C.B. We establish your Company’s C.O.R. (Certificate of Recognition) and build a comprehensive program to enhance your value to potential clients and ensuring that you keep within the guidelines as suggested by the Alberta Government. The Alberta Government has put several incentives in place to encourage Alberta Businesses to adhere to these guidelines.

Companies prepared to follow these guidelines and establish their C.O.R. will first of all see an immediate reduction and refund of their W.C.B. premiums. Together with this, they will see a vast reduction in all costs associated with production.

About Safety Group’s COR (Certification of Recognition) COR, Certification of Recognition

The C.O.R. is the current safety standard of the industry, and provides a solid defence of the due diligence being practised by your Company, in the event of any accidents occurring on any site.

  • It is a documented safety program protecting workers, sub-contractors, equipment and the environment.
  • This is done though recognized training, safe work practices, safe work procedures, and a process of discipline.
  • Documents include, forms, charts, check lists, information pages and statistical reports.
  • The records and documents related to the C.O.R. are audited internally annually, with every 3rd year the program is audit by peer competitor or registered external auditor.

Taking the additional step

  • There are additional steps which a company can take. These support the strengths of a COR safety program creating options to extend the protection in place with the company’s existing process but more importantly generate prevention of accidents which would hamper production.
  • By using technology, such as databases, electronic documentation and electronic read tags, a company can help limit the time required to maintain their safety program and produce the reports required to provide statistical back up to prove their company’s due diligence.
  • The PIR (Partnerships in Injury Reduction) program is a typical available resource to be incorporated once the C.O.R. has been attained.

As an upgrade to the COR safety program it focuses specifically on reducing the social and financial costs of injury and illness of workers. Early return to work programs, alternative work opportunities are two of the choices. The Alberta Government has given opportunities to business who are a part of PIR to help their employees return to work earlier and gradually therefore reducing the cost of the injury to the Company.

Process of getting on the track with these two systems are often complicated and time consuming for companies new to the process.

SafetyGroup will be innovative with your program and systemize the process.

  • Our company will do all the groundwork for you and maintain the program long term, (Extreme 1: )
  • We will be present for the inception of the program for you and the transition of your internal staff to assume the responsibility of operating the program. (Extreme 2:)

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